Need to talk about moving your business communications and technology to the cloud?

improve sales performance with VoIP phones

Did you know moving your business communications to the cloud can improve sales performance? We are huge advocates of moving comms to the cloud but do you know just how effective it could be for your company, particularly in sales team performance and upturn? We know how important it is to keep your sales teams running at capacity and preferably at as low a cost as possible. Here’s where using cloud-based services, such as VoIP, could make a big difference to your teams’ performance and your bottom line.

How Does VoIP work?

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol, a method of using the internet to route calls rather than dedicated physical phone lines. There are different levels of VoiP services for different businesses. You can either have another company hosting your VoIP or you can manage it yourself. The bonus of a hosted service is that the host company takes care of everything, such as software updates and hardware.

How Using VoIP Can Improve Sales Performance 

VoIP has multiple benefits for all sectors of a company that rely on phone calls – and that’s most of them and most definitely your sales team. So what benefits does VoIP bring for sales teams?

  • Location flexibility: without a plug-in landline phone on every desk, your teams can work from anywhere. That has proven essential in the last year. Plus no need to worry about dead mobile phone batteries.
  • Business growth: it’s easy to add new team members to a VoIP system. You can even move to bigger premises or expand into a different country and use the same VoIP system.
  • System integration: VoIP can integrate with pretty much any other business software. This makes the transition seamless and can help you make the most of your software’s features. This might include sharing data between your VoIP system and your CRM, for example. Voip can improve sales performance
  • Increased productivity: group calls are easy on VoIP systems. They also come with a host of features that you can tailor for your business needs These range from call reminders to answering services to voicemail delivered to your inbox. All these help save time and prevent calls and messages being overlooked.
  • Employee satisfaction: if your employees know they are ready to work from wherever they are, you are placing fewer obstacles in their way. Up-to-date technology is expected now in the workplace. A study by the Telegraph found that Generation Z “are digital natives, and highly flexible… They are comfortable with technology, with 68% welcoming artificial intelligence (AI) and other technology at work.”

Wider Company Benefits of Using VoIP

  • Customer satisfaction: VoIP systems can manage call queues and use AI services to avoid placing customers on hold. All go towards giving your customers a positive experience of your company.
  • More touchpoints: you can select a variety of communication methods with VoIP systems, such as text, email and video calling, on top of regular voice calls. Your customers will appreciate having several methods of getting in touch with you. The easier you can make the customer journey, the better!

These are just some of the top-line benefits for sales teams to migrate their calls to VoIP. Wider business benefits include cost-saving as VoIP calls are much cheaper than landline calls and there’s no investment in or maintaining hardware. And VoIP allows for a high-level of customer responsiveness, particularly important given the uncertainties of office vs remote working.

How Can You Make Sure VoIP is Right for Your Business?

The key to making any cloud communications work for your business, and be sure you’re making optimum cost savings, is to find a professional to advise you on what you actually need.

PB Cloud Solutions partners with some of the world’s leading technology vendors. That means we can support you in managing change and planning for your future. We work with you to navigate the sometimes complex, always fast paced tech world. This enables a seamless digital and business transformation, and a faster and more secure journey to the cloud.

Never has it been more important to reduce costs, improve productivity and grow your business. Talk to us about moving your business communications to VoIP technology and keep one step ahead.