Need to talk about moving your business communications and technology to the cloud?

Customer experience should be at the top of every business’ agenda. It can literally make or break a business and its reputation, and no business should overlook its importance. It’s no coincidence that successful companies and brands all have the same thing in common: their customer experience.

You might think communication methods and preferences shift too quickly to be able to maintain a positive customer experience. However, there’s one tool in your communication arsenal that can help enhance the customer experience almost effortlessly. And that’s VoIP.

Here are five ways VoIP can improve your company’s customer experience

  1. Availability: a VoIP system means your staff can be contacted at all working hours and locations. Remote working and satellite offices needn’t be a hindrance to business communications. Mobiles and landlines receive any calls that are forwarded, and groups can be set up on a Find Me/Follow Me system where multiple phones will be called. The call is then guaranteed to be picked up.
  2. Systems integration: VoIP phone systems can integrate with lots of other business software. This means that a customer’s data and history can be seen by whoever picks up the call, allowing for personalised and seamless customer service. No need for the customer to repeatedly explain their situation and need.voip and customer experience
  3. Greater responsiveness: VoIP phone systems have a host of features to enhance customer calls. These include voice-to-email, a quick delivery of a voicemail message via email; direct dial numbers when a specific point of contact is required; immediate call answering thanks to the auto assistant feature; and connecting the customer to the right person or department first time using Interactive Voice Response.
  4. Multiple communications methods: most business communications take place on the phone. But as well as voice calls, video calls and messaging apps are being used more and more. VoIP systems can manage all media and log call data and tracking information. These are all are important in building your customer journey.
  5. Customer satisfaction: every customer experience study shows that people are far more likely to recommend a business based on the service they’ve received. Things like quick call answering, speaking to the right person first time, and not being on hold for an eternity. VoIP can deal with all these and more. Don’t forget the same customers are even more likely to tell when they have received bad service.

And the final win for your customers…

There’s another big plus for your customers. Businesses can save time and money with VoIP systems. This means improved pricing and greater responsiveness, which can be passed to the customer. Plus, VoIP systems allow your internal business systems and teams to work together more effectively, improving communication and productivity throughout the business.

For expert, professional advice on migrating your business communications to VoIP and unifying the rest of your systems in the cloud, call us to talk though some options.