Need to talk about moving your business communications and technology to the cloud?

Keeping up with the latest technology can be expensive and time-consuming for businesses. But having an up-to-date telephony platform is vital for any business looking to increase productivity and retain and develop customer relationships. You could start by integrating telephony. An interactive system that is connected to your CRM and other technology can raise you above your competitors. This will make your customer journey smooth, efficient and stress-free.

What is Computer Telephone Integration?

Voip phoneComputer telephony integration, or CTI, provides the key connection between your telephony system and your workspace. It allows for effective interaction between the two. Integrating telephony can simplify straightforward tasks. These might include the speed at which you can retrieve customer information, or making sure callers are always routed to the right team. With these structures in place, you can enjoy the many benefits, such as increasing productivity as well as making a great impression on your customer.

There are so many options: which system is right for my business?

Technology moves at a fast pace, and it sometimes seems like there is a never-ending stream of newer, better products coming on to the market. We know it is difficult to keep up with all the options. That’s where our knowledge and expertise comes in. All the VoIP (or internet telephony) systems that PB Cloud Solutions offers deliver the important features and functions that businesses need. And that’s whether you are a small company or a large corporation. Our solutions can integrate into a wide range of CRM, ERP, helpdesk, productivity, and security applications. This means your business phone system or contact centre is truly centralised with your technology ecosystem.

Microsoft Teams and other collaboration platforms can also be integrated within business telephone systems. Thanks to COVID-19, remote working has become the norm in many workplaces. Merging these applications means a streamlined, easier working environment for your employees. That in turn can lead to greater employee satisfaction, reduced staff turnover and increased productivity.

Will I see the benefits of integrating telephony?

Simply put, yes you will, and quickly. Merging all your platforms will have many benefits for your business including:

  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Improving customer satisfaction with an easier, quicker, and stress-free customer journeyintegrate phone systems
  • Streamlining your technology, and saving on internet fees (usually at a set rate) rather than traditional telecommunications costs (which can vary)
  • Improving communications within departments and your organisation as a whole
  • Minimising the need for manual input, copying data and the potential errors that this brings. Your staff can spend the time instead on effective customer interaction.

Making the most of a fully integrated business communications system will no doubt allow your company to work better, together. Contact us now to talk about how we can set up this structure in your workplace. We would be happy to advise on suitable products at a range of price points, all of which would boost your business capabilities.