Need to talk about moving your business communications and technology to the cloud?

The Covid pandemic has altered the face of business forever. We have seen large scale businesses cut costs, from staffing to overheads, including shifting from huge headquarters to smaller satellite offices with many staff working remotely. This has also led to great change in the way we communicate with each other, and in the way in which businesses transact, moving away from face-to-face gatherings to the ‘new normal’ of virtual meetings.
Cloud computing

This way of working is looking increasingly like it’s here to stay. Whilst large companies with equally large budgets find it easier to adapt their technology and communications systems to meet the new demands, smaller businesses might struggle to keep up. But migrating communications to the cloud   provides the ideal solution.

Welcome to the Cloud!

Move your communications to the cloud for an effective and straightforward way to fit seamlessly into the new normal world. Outsourcing areas of IT services and telephony to the cloud can help small- or medium-sized businesses keep overheads down while still accessing first class, professional services. It can also free up existing staff to focus on other areas and keep up with the bigger companies in your sector. Rather than outlaying a huge amount for equipment – which requires upkeep and updates –  migrating to the cloud allows you to access superior service without the hassle.

The Benefits of Cloud-based Services for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

Migrating to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud has several benefits for SMBs. These include:

  • Budget-friendly: an in-house IT department is costly and not applicable to every size business. A small business that migrates to the cloud will likely see a reduction in costs. Also fewer tech problems to solve, and less expensive hardware to maintain and software to update. Cloud-based services can reduce the need for so much internal day-to-day support for those businesses with a functioning IT department. And it can enable existing in-house tech teams to be deployed on larger or other business critical projects.
  • Scalable with your business: if your business fluctuates, your cloud-based solutions can flex to match. So you only spend the money when you need to, and not be tied into an unsuitable contract. And if your business grows, your cloud-based services can grow accordingly.
  • Allows for staff flexibility: Covid has definitely taught us one thing. That it is possible to keep businesses going with remote and flexible working. There are many benefits to remote working and giving your staff the option for flexible hours increases your attractiveness as an employer. Cloud-based services are great at meeting the needs of your remote teams. Plus, they can set up new starters in an instant – almost.
  • Reliability and seamlessness: cloud-based solutions spread their data load. There is always a back-up option should something go wrong, offering a near perfect platform and service availability. No more scrabbling around trying to reconnect or reroute calls.
  • Cloud security: data is more secure in the cloud than at a standard data centre. And there are a plethora of security features, analytics and backup options available with all cloud services.

Talk to us about moving your business communications and technology to the cloud. Or to find out more about how it could help you adapt to a post-Covid world, please contact us today.  with PB Solutions make it easy and straightforward to migrate to the cloud and every solution is tailored to your business needs.