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Unlock the potential of your business with PB Cloud Solutions, an award-winning telecoms provider specialising in hosted voice and unified communications, business mobiles, and connectivity solutions. Whether you’re a startup or an established SME, we’ve got tailored solutions to elevate your business communications.

In a world where communication is key, we work with some of the world’s leading technology vendors to deliver tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate into your business, supporting you and your business in managing change and planning for your future.

But here’s the difference – we cut out the jargon and remove the hassle from the complex world of telecoms. No more confusing terms, we’re here to provide a simpler journey to agile communications for your business.

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Our Core Solutions

Hosted Voice & Unified Communications

Our Hosted Voice solution provides continuous connectivity whether you are in the office, on your mobile, at home or on the move

  • Freedom to select as many features as your business needs
  • Predictable spend, one licence gives a user access to all functions
  • Apps for desktops and mobiles that give you complete visibility and control of how your business communicates supporting both iOS and Android devices.
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Business Mobiles

Our flexible mobile contracts allow you to move across the three large networks, which you can switch between with no penalty, to suit your current and future business needs.

  • Flexible mobile contracts across the three large networks which you can move between with no penalty
  • Multiple tariffs and bolt-ons across the three large networks, on the same deal, to suit your individual requirements
  • Co-terminus contracts
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Ensuring that your business remains connected has never been more important. We offer fast, dependable and reliable fixed line services to provide the required connectivity for your business.

  • Flexible connectivity options to support your short and long-term telecom requirements
  • Operational efficiency, we can manage your data connectivity needs, as well as other solutions for you via our portal, saving you admin time
  • A highly trained support team who are here to support your business, you can rest assured there’ll always be someone here to help
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BT Openreach will switch off the traditional analogue copper landline technology by December 2025.

Since September 2023 businesses have been unable to buy ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) telephone systems.

If your business is still using analogue, you’ll need to review your telephony solution over the next couple of years.

We are here to support your business with the transition to cloud-based telephone solutions.

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We partnered with Carma Earth to plant trees when a client switches to PB Cloud Solutions for their business telecommunication requirements.

We have chosen to partner with Carma Earth who are a B Corp Certified as part of our environmental impact working together to create a positive impact, one tree at a time.

Carma Earth have tree planting projects both in the UK and international, with UK trees planted by Veterans via The Green Task Force.  Through our partnership, for each new user or connection to our telecom services, we pledge to plant a tree.

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